Welcome to UINTRIGUED, your number one source for all things FASHIONUINTRIGUED is an online store that offers trendy clothes for women. Everyone loves to feel good and look good. La'Taja Acree founded UINTRIGUED in 2020 a home based business. From her personal experience self love is the best love; when you look good, you tend to feel good. La'Taja enjoy helping women bring out their inner beauty and build self confidence within themselves.  The name UINTRIGUED derived from people always sparking interest in her style. She prides her self to dress to impress with class and sophistication. Hint the name YOU-INTRIGUED. It's basically captivating your audience with fashion to spark interest in who you are with what you wear. Whether you seeking a fashionable look for work, business, vacation or date night we've got you covered. Our motto is "Step in the room and become the main attraction". Let your appearance introduce you before you introduce who you are!

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